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AVG 2014 Antivirus, Is It For You?

Since then, I have been using AVG and I can say that it is not bad. However, with the release of the new AVG Norton . version, it is necessary to take a look at it and if it is still something that you have to use. Let’s take a look at its new features as well as its performance.

So What’s New?

Don`t wait AVG 2014 Download ! revamped its interface considerably. With the release of the new Windows 8 operating system, they made it in a way that it works with this OS as well. They actually did a good job since the program is now a lot easier to use. Not to mention the looks is also better now. The layout is now cleaner and more organized. Protect your computer with software from Norton.
How Easy To Install?

Before you can even look at this program’s new interface however, you have to install it first. This is where a few issues come in. AVG Internet Security 2014!
Let’s talk about the good things though such as smaller installer file size (from 100 MB to 33MB) and no reboot after installation. This is great since the file does not have to occupy a lot of space in your system when you download the installer. Moreover, it is also awesome since you don’t have to restart your computer to let the software run.

This is a time-saver for you since you don’t have to wait for like a minute or two just for your computer to reboot before you can use it again. Optimize PC Performance: Clean up your PC and improve your PCs Performance
The problem comes with browser automatic shutdown. During installation, it just turns off your browser without any warning. If you are processing something (like downloading or uploading online), this is a disturbance. Thus, it is recommended that you stop anything that you are doing online before installing this software.

How About Its Performance Protect your computer with software from Norton.

The performance is actually impressive. It is included in the line of fastest scanning anti-virus programs out there.

Even the free version is quick enough to detect virus and malicious files in your PC. AVG 2014

The downside in its performance is the additional boot time. With the AVG installed,
it adds about 15 seconds for the computer to start. If you are really rushing
or excited to open your computer, this might be a bit of a hassle for you. Moreover, it adds about 3 seconds in the shutdown time so if you are already sleepy, waiting for your computer to turn off, you might hate it for some seconds. I can say however that this is not a big deal and you can easily get over it. The health of your PC is of course more important than a few seconds faster booting time.

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So going back to the question, is this software for you? Well, I can say it is if you need fast anti-virus software that works well.

You just have to go over the installation process and wait for things for a while. Optimize PC Performance: Clean up your PC and improve your PCs Performance

AVG antivirus 2014
Furthermore, don’t forget to stop whatever you are doing online before installing this program. May you have a clean computer system using AVG 2014!

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